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May I first introduce myself, my name is Michael Reifges and your landed on my private homepage. It is dedicated mainly to my family and friends, but also to all unknown people being interesest. This pages give you an overview of some of my activities and hobbies.

By the way, the large photo shows the headquarter of Siemens in Bangkok, where I worked from 2004 to 2008 in the 36th floor. I was there responsible for the business of Siemens IT Solutions and Services in Thailand.

Contacts, suggestions, but also critics are welcome and may be send directly to webmaster@reifges.de or michael@reifges.de.


Please have fun and enjoy browsing through my Homepage...

Welcome to my Homepage

The photograph of the northern skyline of Bangkok and the Siemens-Tower I took from my apartment at the 22nd floor close to Thonglor Soi 9.